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Sorry for the Bon Jovi reference but…. ‘it’s my life’.

Actually, sorry Jon Bon Jovi, but we prefer the 1984 Talk Talk song with the same title. (made famous again by a brilliant cover by No Doubt in 2003).

OK, that’s enough musical references…

It’s true though right? As adults, most of our decisions are ours; where we live, what we eat, and of course, how we choose to develop our careers.

So when we sought to change the game with professional learning, this song was a bit of an anthem for us. After spending years working in schools as teachers and leaders, and then running PD across the world, we knew that too often there was a one size fits all approach to learning for staff. It often didn’t matter if you were eager to bring in a project-based learning approach at school, if the PD day was focused on literacy, you just had to get with the program.

With EC Premium it is important for us that every staff member has their own login to the school’s professional development platform. Of course, there are times when everyone has to learn a key topic, but also there is a chance for plenty of personal exploration, for the development of a tailored professional development plan with a coach, and a growing library to ensure that an area of learning that a staff member wants is available.

We’ve seen plenty of schools implement a ‘latte and learn’ session once a month in the staff room. This sees people turn up for a good cup of coffee and a chance to share what they’ve learned over the month as a self-directed learner.

Maybe you can share that you learned that No Doubt actually covered ‘It’s My Life’, or after some googling, you learned that No Doubt was a famous band twenty years ago 😉

The EC Team