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Our people

The team working to grow EC Premium across the United States.

Leadership Team

A picture of Dave Faulkner CEO of EC by Go1

Dave Faulkner
Chief Executive Officer

Dave’s focus:
As Chief Executive Officer, Dave leads our global team and works with our largest partners to scale EC Premium.

Dave’s experience:
Dave has worked in K-12 education for more than two decades as a teacher, principal, system leader and thought leader. Dave is the co-founder of EC, co-author of Dream Team (ASCD) and Edupreneur (Wiley), speaks on the world’s largest education stages (BETT, ASCD, EduTech), and has led PL programs for state and national governments and organizations across the globe.

Fun fact:
Dave became a school principal at 24.

A picture of Maddie Scott-Jones CLO of EC by Go1

Maddie Scott-Jones
Chief Learning Officer

Maddie’s focus:
As Chief Learning Officer, Maddie works with our distribution partners to ensure that the professional development on offer with EC Premium is relevant to the schools in our markets.

Maddie’s experience:
Maddie brings deep academic credentials to the team and is a graduate of three master’s degrees in education and education leadership. As a former teacher, a deeply experienced K-12 learning consultant, and the architect of some of our biggest state and national projects over the last decade, Maddie knows what it takes to build and run great professional development in schools.

Fun fact:
Maddie is a whale chaser (which means she loves whales, travels the world searching for different species, and then kayaks to within a safe distance and says nice things to them).

A picture of Aaron Tait Chief Innovation Officer at EC by Go1

Aaron Tait
Chief Marketing Officer

Aaron’s focus:
Aaron coordinates marketing efforts for EC and with our partners to scale EC Premium in K-12.

Aaron’s experience:
Aaron is a proven social impact innovator and for more than a decade has co-founded and scaled education and impact projects across the world (EC and ygap). He has led the development of several globally scaled education programs for Microsoft and speaks on the world’s largest stages (Bett, ASCD, Edutech). Aaron holds three master’s degrees, is a graduate of Cambridge University and is the co-author of Dream Team (ASCD) and Edupreneur (Wiley).

Fun fact:
Aaron is a decorated military veteran (he spent seven years as an officer in the navy). 

Katy Plencner
Senior Education Success Manager 

Katy’s focus:
Katy works to ensure that our EC Premium platform is a highly effective professional development tool for our schools and partners.

Katy’s experience:

Katy brings a rich career in K-12 education to our team. Following five years of teaching and school leadership at Teach for America she went on to work as a charter school improvement specialist in Hawaii, and an education improvement specialist for the state of Arizona. Katy is able to work with partners to deliver relevant, impactful PL content to educators across the United States. She holds a master’s degree in Special Education from Arizona State University.

Fun fact:
Katy lives in the second sunniest city in the world (Phoenix).

Learning and Content Team

Kerrin Smith
Learning Designer

Kerrin’s focus:
As a learning designer Kerrin works build and deliver professional learning programs, with a particular focus on school culture and STEM teaching.

Kerrin’s experience:
Kerrin has a decade of school teacher and leadership experience, with depth in the Catholic and private education systems. He holds two master’s degrees in education from Australian Catholic University. Kerrin has been a program consultant on learning projects for clients including Microsoft, and the Academy (Victoria, Australia).
Fun fact:
Kerrin is a particularly good baseball player and a safe pair of hands at shortstop.

Danielle Vasiliades
Learning Designer

Dani’s focus:
As a learning designer Dani designs and delivers our professional learning programs, with a particular focus on quality teaching practice.

Dani’s experience:
Dani brings a decade of school teacher and leadership experience to the EC team, with a particular depth in the public sector. She has been a program consultant on EC learning projects supporting thousands of educators since 2022.
Fun fact:
Dani has listened to the song ‘You Can Call Me Al’ at least once a day for the last 18 months.

Glenn Solomons
Learning Designer

Glenn’s focus:
As a learning designer Glenn works with you to architect professional learning programs, with a particular focus on supporting school leaders.

Glenn’s experience:
Glenn brings a decade of school teacher and leadership experience to the EC team, with a particular depth in the Catholic education system. He has been a program lead on learning projects for clients including the Academy (VIC), Professional Learning Institute (TAS) and schools across NSW. He is currently studying for his master’s of education at Australian Catholic University.

Fun fact:
Glenn has the most tattoos in the EC team (just). 

Megan Fletcher
Content Partner Manager

Megan’s focus:
Megan works to identify new K-12 content partners for our EC Premium platform and supports existing content partners to update their professional development experiences.

Megan’s experience:
Megan is an accomplished educator with over 15 years of experience in K-12 education. She has worked as a teacher and instructional coach with the City of Worchester (MA) and as a Principal at Murdock High School (MA). Her dedication to education is further demonstrated by her two master’s degrees in educational leadership and urban education.

Fun fact:
Megan has completed a casual 27 marathons.

Emma Benns
Content Manager

Emma’s focus:
Emma is our lead content creator for EC Premium, and helps all of our content partners to provide the best possible PL through our online platform.

Emma’s experience:
Emma is a writer and content creation specialist with a publication and client list including Canva, and ClickView. She is a former elementary school teacher (Wenona, Japanese International School) with 5 years of experience in the classroom. Emma’s content partner list includes Think Global, Dylan Wiliam, and Ashoka.

Fun fact:
Emma has been to 47 countries so far, with the Maldives up next (la-di-da!).

Education Success Team

Mathias Whitmyer
Senior Partnership Manager

Mathias’ focus:

Mathias works with our North American distribution partners in the K-12 sector to ensure that partnerships have a solid foundation for scale.

Mathias’ experience:

Mathias has worked in technology and software-as-a-service (SaaS) for eight years in the United States, with three years of experience managing partnerships for Go1. Mathias guides partners through our approaches, and ensure that the correct legal, technical and business considerations are met to support mutually beneficial partnerships.

Fun fact:
If you want to try your hand at fly-fishing, Mathias is the man to call.

Gabbi Jenkins
Education Success Manager

Gabbi’s focus:
Gabbi builds learning portals for our client schools and partner organizations.

Gabbi’s experience:
Gabbi brings five years of education campaign and communications experience to the EC team. She has served as the global campaign manager of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup Junior and led online professional learning programs for organizations across the globe. She has a degree in Communications and International Studies. 

Fun fact:
Gabbi has the best backhand in the team (tennis backhand).

Valerie Peters
Customer Implementation Manager

Valerie’s focus:
Valerie is our technology expert and works to ensure that EC Premium is able to be accessed seamlessly by schools and education institutions.

Valerie’s experience:
Valerie is a former STEM teacher where she led school-wide professional learning programs with a focus on learning technology. She is a Microsoft Innovative Education Expert trainer, a trained astrophysicist and holds a master’s degree in education.

Fun fact:
Valerie recently built a functioning trebuchet for her local school.

Raquel Toren
Education Success Manager

How Raquel helps you:
Raquel is a seasoned Go1 team member and helps you to set up and succeed with your learning portal.

Raquel’s focus:
Raquel has worked across a range of teams at Go1 and brings a strong understanding of our technology and content offering. She holds a degree in communications and innovation and is a former member of the Israeli Airforce.

Fun fact:
Raquel is an experienced film-maker!

About us

We are on a mission to unlock positive potential through a love for learning.

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